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Frequently asked questions

Will the iConsult work on any iPad?
Yes, it will work on any model of iPad. It is not designed however for Android or iPhone.

How do my clients receive the e-books?
All e-books are sent as a PDF document, so your client can receive them on any tablet and smart phone (iPad, Android) or computer.

How big are the PDF files?
We have kept all of the e-books under 1MB each making it very easy for you to email and for your clients to receive.

Can we modify and personalise the books?
You can, but it is very expensive. Creating a set of your own personalised e-books would mean creating a whole new iConsult app for your practice which would cost in excess of $10,000. You would also then be responsible to pay for any upgrades and changes to your ap. Using the same iConsult version means we can all share the cost, making it affordable to have in the practice. An ap of this quality would not be viable to do on your own.

What if I don’t agree with some things in the e-books?
I guarantee this is going to happen. We all treat patients differently making it impossible to meet the needs of everyone. Several vets have read over the information in the e-books and many hours were spent deciding which treatment is used by most vets. The information in the e-books is correct, it may not be exactly to your treatment plans but it is still correct. Do you think that one line in a book that isn’t exactly to your treatment plan, but it still correct, is worth the below happening? These things happen in practice EVERY DAY and they can be minimised with the iConsult in practice.

This is what is currently happening in most practices

  • Clients are leaving your practice due to insufficient information given
  • Reception staff are failing to convert phone shopper clients as they have limited tools to win them over
  • Clients are Googling their pets condition and getting second opinions
  • Clients think you are expensive because you failed to show them value for their money in a professionl way
  • Clients are confused with medications because they didn’t understand the condition in the first place
  • Most practice owners have no idea what level of information their vets are giving to YOUR clients

You stand to lose a lot more by NOT having the iConsult in place than sending out an e-book which may be slightly different to what you are used to, but is still correct information for your client. Think big picture and what it will give to your practice.

Are the e-books easy to send from the iPad.
Yes! Press the mail button and an email screen will pop up with a message already written in for your client and the PDF e-book already attached. All you have to do is type in your clients email address and it’s gone.

Can I see who I send the e-books to?
Yes. All e-books sent from your iPad will be stored in the email section on your iPad.

Can I link the iConsult to my practice software?
No. No current veterinary software allows for this communication to happen.